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what is a propane cooler?

A propane cooler is a portable absorption refrigerator with a box-lid configuration...
That runs off the same tank as your bbq grill ... And can keep your food and drink refrigerated for months at a time!


  • Not for use in an enclosed space such as a tent or trailer. Always use proper ventilation please... we do not like dead customers.
  • Hooks up to a regular 20 pound propane tank (or larger). Does not use the small disposable propane canisters.
  • Uses only 1/2 pound of propane per day
  • Features a window in the back where to view the flame
  • Pre-chill foods for best results
  • When in transit, use 12 volt vehicle power, NEVER use propane while going down the road.
  • Never use more than one power source at one time (propane, 12 volt or 110 volt household ac)
  • Clearances : 6 inches behind and 20 inches above
  • Features magnetic gaskets for solid seal
  • When using propane, unit must be level (has easy-to-see leveling bubble built in).
  • When using propane or 12 volt dc, there is no temperature regulation.
  • Test lines for leaks with soapy water after every hookup
  • Made in China
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48L Cooler button


  • Measurements 17.7"H x 19.7"W x 16.5"L
  • Weight 38.5 pounds
  • LP Gas
  • 120 volt household current
  • 12 volt dc vehicle current
  • Great for solar applications
  • Cools 45 ° below ambient temperature


  • PG-50G

    • Measurements 20.5"H x 19.7"W x 19.3"D
    • Weight 38.5 pounds
    • LP Gas
    • 120 volt household current
    • 12 volt dc vehicle current
    • Holds up to 72 cans
    • Cools 72° to 77° below ambient temperature

what is not a propane cooler

  • An ice box is like a refrigerator, but without a motor and condenser. Simply an insulated box which is kept cold with blocks of melting ice.
  • A cooler the longstanding traditional favorite of summer outdoor living, the cooler is the warm-weather workhorse of keeping your food cold. Just add ice and repeat. Until you run out of ice.
  • A piezoelectric refrigerator everyone is seeing these at the big box stores lately, a cheap refrigerator that kind-of sort-of keeps your food cool-ish. They run on a piece of electronics called a 'peltier heat pump'. Even wikipedia describes this components main disadvantage is that it "cannot simultaneously have low cost and high power efficiency". In other words, a piezo cooler does not work very well for this purpose.


aluminium bottlesUse on the go! Our cooler is ightweight and compact with rugged gray plastic exterior and able to stand up to normal wear and tear better than some traditional coolers. And you never have to break camp to go get ice again.

Comes complete with AC cord and plug, DC cord and accessory adapter. Just add propane. It uses the same propane and tank that fuels your barbeque grill. At a half pound of propane consumed in a day, your typical 20 pound propane tank will last for 40 days. Put another way, if you ran it year-round for an entire year, night and day, 24-7, it would need refueling 9 times!

We have had calls for this product for many years, and now finally we have them! Great propane cooler at a fraction of the cost of a propane refrigerator.